Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Quarter Mark

I've been at this morning snapshot thing for 3 months today. I'm really rather surprised that I have made it this far without missing a morning. There have been two near misses, but I remembered just before I brushed my hair or showered.

The exercise has become something meaningful, for lack of better descriptor, for me. I would imagine that for the viewer, scrolling through weeks of very similar looking, often blurry or otherwise ill-captured photos is not terribly interesting. I've been told I look grumpy in them---I never claimed to be a morning person---and I've had comments about the weather getting warmer here in Texas, hence my shirtless appearance in more photos as we entered springtime. Otherwise, I've not gotten much feedback on this exercise and really, that's fine.

I'm finding something on the edge of cathartic in the exercise. How to translate that into meaning for the audience? I'm not sure. At the one-quarter mark, maybe that's not important. Maybe there isn't meaning until I complete the year.

But I've managed to complete three months. How am I feeling about intimacy? Not much different there. But vulnerability? Yes, I suppose the surprise is how vulnerable this exercise feels. I wasn't expecting that.

Other feelings surface now and then. If they come to the foreground, maybe I'll discuss them. Maybe at the half-year mark.

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