Thursday, December 31, 2015

5 Years Later

Quietly, without any publicity, I've decided to start up this exercise again. I do not know if I'll do it for all of 2016 or only all of January, 2016. I do feel like this blog was, in some ways, a way for me to restart some creativity in 2011.

Also, 2015 was that kind of year. Not as bad as 2010, but still . . . yeah.

So I'll be returning to my bad, first thing in the morning, self portraits. A documentation of a performance of loneliness for no audience. If you find them, enjoy!

Or, whatever.


  1. Wow, what you are doing takes a lot of courage. A Creative Writing prof once told me that the best poets are the ones that are willing to expose themselves to the critical world. I think he was speaking of the soul? Anyway, I see you as a kind of poet :-) Happy 2016 to you!

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